but who slashed in the sink?
Our delightful lodgings in Rome
Via Marsalla
Somewhere down there is the scrote that nicked my wallet
The coliseum (not the one in Aberdare)
"it'll be nice when it's finished"
Coliseum in "magic hour"
"s'posed to be april, where's the snow?"
more of Rome in the early evening
"bit like Ponty"
The fiorino zucchini was amazing!
Lovely grub!
Point to your favourite part of the ceiling!
The pointer sisters (in marconi beer)
"I used to work in Chicago.."
"What shall we sing next?"
"Barman, another round!"
"I think this could set the tone for the weekend..."
"Do Druids rock?"
Don't let the beer escape!
Disgustin' Justin (wrong again)
Scary Monster!
Italians nicked stuff from egypt too
The sky's an unnatural blue colour!
Loads of folk congregate here
The Spanish steps
more catalogue poses in St Peter's Square
Still confused by the weird yellow object in the sky
vatican's pretty impressive
God appears to us "Fear not lads, you're gonna win!"
Must be match day- Sparky's wearing the suit (but Gareth's in a skirt!)
"aren't you cold guys?"
Damn, we look good!
Don't fancy yours much
Wear something ridiculous and people want to stand next to you
What you can build when you have mediteranean weather
No roof on this stadium
"Help, I'm being attacked by catweazel and his mates!"
"Forza Gallese!"
"My bear had a glass eye..."
Very useful for the Anthem!
Wish had grass like that back in the stadium
The lads doing us (fairly) proud
Nice flag
"Never in any doubt"
Very lithe for a big man...
Garin Jenkins celebrates
Our last birras
Sorry lads, gotta go home